GSA-H20L won't read dvd's

I just bought this dvd burner but yesterday I noticed that it won’t read dvd’s. It reads all cd’s but no dvd’s burned or bought. Windows XP regognices it as a cd-burner. I have no starforce or Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed. Sorry for my bad english

When I use Nero Info Tool it shows that the drive is a dvd-ram recorder but windows shows that it’s a cd-rom drive. Since I bought the drive as a bulk I don’t have any drivers. What can I do now?

That’s an explorer bug, m$ calls it a feature. :Z

It won’t read dvd’s - what exact kind of dvd? Blank, mediatype, rating, brand…?

Won’t read any dvd’s. When I insert a dvd and try to open it from ‘my computer’ it freezes. Green light keeps blinking in the drive

First use a proper dvd software player for dvd video.

Check the inserted media using dvd.identifier or dvdinfo.

[13:16:48] Waiting For Drive To Initialize Disc…
[13:17:07] ERROR : Unable To Initialize Disc In Time : Not ready - Logical unit not ready [02/04/01]
e: Which jumper settings should I use?

We cannot answer this until we know what IDE devices you have and how they are currently connected. How many total and which channels (primary or secondary) they are connected to.

On primary IDE I have this LG drive and on secondary IDE 2 hard drives. I noticed that the dvd drive doesn’t have DMA enabled. How can I get windows to recognize this drive as a dvd-drive instead of cd-drive?

If it is an dvd drive then windows has it recognized as such a drive.

See the proof in Devicemanager. Forget what exploDer tells you (icon and stuff).

Enable DMA for it.

Instructions for enabling DMA in Windows :

If you still cannot get DMA enabled, uninstall your IDE drivers. Windows will reboot and automatically install its own default IDE drivers. Certain IDE drivers are buggy and will not let you enable DMA (especially nVidia IDE drivers).

Ignore what windows explorer tells you about the driver being a CD drive. It is a bug in explorer that has been around for some time. It does not mean anything is wrong with the drive.

Well something is wrong since I can’t play any dvd’s. I’ll try those things you mentioned.

When I look at the driver options it shows that one of the files used to install this drive is cdrom.sys. Is there a dvdrom.sys or something. I enabled the DMA for the drive and it’s recognized as dvd-ram drive but it still doesn’t read dvd’s

Don’t worry about the fact that windows continually refers to the drive as a CDROM device or uses drivers that seem to be for CDROM drives. The fact is, windows treats DVD and CDROM drives as the same thing. The same drivers are typically used. There is nothing wrong with that. One of my machines continually refers to my BenQ 1640 as a CD device and it works fine. So rest easy about all the “CDROM” references.

There are three things you can try :

  1. If your system uses nVidia’s IDE drivers, uninstall them and let windows load up it’s own default IDE drivers (happens automatically when the machine reboots after you uninstall nVidia’s IDE drivers). nVidia’s IDE drivers are buggy and have been known to cause all kinds of strange problems with DVD writers.

2)Change the IDE cable. This may just be a case of a defective IDE cable. Try using an 80-wire cable as I suspect the H20L is a UDMA4 device.

3)Boot into safe mode and test the drive. Could be some rogue drivers interfering with the drive reading discs. Booting into safe mode usually bypasses the loading of most third party drivers.

Note that some DVD movie discs cannot be accessed using Windows explorer. They show up as blank discs instead due to some form of copy protection. Upon using DVD playing software (e.g. VLC, Cyberlink PowerDVD), the disc is playable.

If none of these work, let us know. There are one or two more tests that can be run before we assume that the drive is faulty.

I’m beginning to think that the drive is broken so I’ll send it tomorrow to the store I bought it from and let them figure it out. I guess they’ll send me a new one

I think a replacement drive will not help you.

And why is that?

Because it sounds like you have a system (windows, drivers, etc) problem. Unless you address those, changing the drive with another of the same won’t fix anything.

Brother Vlad

Well we’ll see when the new drive is plugged in

It WAS a faulty drive. I just got a new drive and it works just fine

had / still having the same problem as this only I cannot read CD’s. Firmware upgrade and now sometimes I can read sometimes I cant. Called LG about this and after 30 minutes of my phone bill they said they would need to think about it and get back to me. 1 week later no reply. Think I will send it back to scan and buy another make. My old liteon which is around 3 to 4 years old works and burns about 5 times faster than this just its the wrong colour for my tower.

Anyway thought i would just add my comments.