GSA-H20L. Problem, burning at 8x takes 30 minutes

Hello guys. I have the GSA H20L burner with 1.01 firmware. Just yesterday I encountered a problem. When I try to burn a DVD5 at 8x it takes 30 minutes to finish. Also the verification process takes another 30 minutes. So I need 1 hour to burn-verify a DVD. I use TDK DVDs and I didn’t have this problem before yesterday.

Any ideas?? Thx.

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It looks like DMA has become un-enabled. Check this thread .

First of all thanks for the welcome.
Second thx for the quick response.

I checked the thread you gave me and I came to a conclusion. In the Secondary IDE channel the option “DMA If Available” is selected in the “Transfer Mode” box [B]but[/B] when I was burning a DVD in the “Current Transfer Mode” box it was saying “PIO mode”. So I am going to try to unistall the channel.

Also I try burning a DVD with Imgburn and I notice that although I have selected 8x speed the actual write speed was 1.6x.

It worked. I unistall the Secondary IDE Channel and I restarted the Windows. After that the channel had been re-installed and in the “Current Transfer Mode” box says “Ultra DMA Mode 2”. I just burnt a full DVD in 9 minutes at 8x.

Thanks very much.

You’re welcome.

Perhaps it is reverting back to PIO mode because the driver is detecting CRC errors. One should be sure to always use Flat 80 conductor IDE cables for all modern CD/DVD Burners.

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