GSA H12L or H42L, HELP!



i’ve read some of the threads, but find no conclusion for what i really want…
can you guys suggest between this 2 models, what’s the best? the price is the same in the store that i saw them…

thanks in advance, from portugal…


What type of media do you plan to burn or have you not decided?

This might help in suggesting a model.


Very similar models. :iagree::iagree: Its like big and little brother senario. I own both and love them to peices. The H12 is louder, and has a unique whuur to it when it burns. LOL !! The H42 is newer and is very smooth. Its slightly quicker too and supports more media , especially at higher (18x) speeds.

But you will not go wrong with either mate. :clap:


the media is almost all dvd-r… but it’s wise to buy the newest right? the h12 is older then the h42… so i should go do h42??


yes u should, after few months there will be no more firmware update for h12