GSA-H11N (JG03) to GSA-H10N

A month or so ago I flashed H10N to H12N and immediately regretted doing so as I was unable to get a successful burn on a bunch of cheap disc (CDR and DVD-R) I had been using without incident before. I found it was impossible to flash back to an H-10N. I have just successfully flashed to an H-11N but note that DVD-RAM is not supported - not a big problem - but now I get exception errors if I try to flash down to a H-10N. Any advice?

well, TDB have recently modified their H10 firmwares to allow flashing H12N->H10N. had your drive still been H12N you could’ve gone back to H10N.
since you are now @ H11N, i don’t know if the H10N flasher will work for you.
if not you can try asking TDB to modify (once again) the H10N flasher so it will recognize the H11N.

Do you download the RPC-1 version of H10N firmware from TDB ? They updated the flasher of firmware JJ11 to allow going back from H12N to H10N.

I did look for a new H-12N > H-10N flash before I tried the H-11N. Couldn’t see one that I hadn’t tried, unsuccessfully, before. I shall leave it a while to see how H-11N perormance is and hope TDB write a H11N to H10N or H12N flash in the future. Thanks.

All of the H-10N flashes seem to have the same Invalid Argument error when I try them on the H-11N - hope TDB reads this thread and writes a fix when they have time.

The current flashers should work, however if the drive is rejecting the update there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it. Certainly the currently posted flashers can go from H12N to H10N.

Perhaps you can provide a screen shot of the error?

Cross flashing in this manner is certainly something we don’t recommend. The H11N patched firmware was posted for those with the JG03 firmware, the lack of DVD-RAM has been mentioned before.

Brother Vlad

I have successfully managed to flash down to an H10N (JL11) after moving the drive to an alternative PC. No problems encountered this time. Thank for your help.