GSA-H10N strange thing?!?!

I had original firmware and I had Daemon Tools virtual drive.
After installing JL11 from things got pretty odd when I put a DVD video disc in my physical drive it identifies it as a blank CD in a CD-ROM. I uninstalled Daemon Tools and my DVD-RAM seemed to work fine.
I tried Alcohol 52% instead of Daemon Tools, same thing happened.
I also tried the JJ11(I heard it was Hittachi made or smth.) version of my firmware with Daemon Tools and with Alcohol 52% same thing.

In general I think that this new firmware isn’t good enough. I regret for installing it on my DVD-RAM. It got me in lot of trouble. I can now burn DVD’s or CD’s only without having Daemon Tools or Alcohol 52% and even then the burn process is sometimes unsuccessful.
One of the users here said “JL10 simply works fine” and he can’t get more right than this.

If anyone here knows or even has a clue about how can I restore my original firmware it will be greatly appreciated.
I searched the web nothing found. But isn’t it possible to “extract” the original firmware from a device that hasn’t been updated and then figure a way to install this on an already updated machine?

P.S. Btw I think that’s why JL11 can’t be found on LG’s official support site. They figured out in the end it wasn’t good enough.

My own strange thing about GSA-H10N, is that always take booktype DVD-ROM in 4x DVD+RW discs which i have test,after flash with JJ11 RPC1 firmware-Original firmware was JL10 nad mfd date April 2006 in China

-As I have read booktype of DVD+RW discs not supported by LG.
-I use Nero burning ROM 6.6.013 and connections are UDMA4.

it’s not possible to restore to JL10 since that’s the first firmware version of this drive, comes on shipped drives and was’nt released for download on LG’s service websites.
no known method of extracting firmwares from (most of) LG drives.

@Gary Kokkin:
in my experience (H10L), the booktype of the DVD+RW remains the same as it was before.
if it was set to DVD-ROM, burning/erasing in the H10L will leave it DVD-ROM.
if it was set to DVD-RW, burning/erasing in the H10L will leave it DVD-RW.

Funny, the response from the LG support team was very incompetent
take a look at what they wrote me:

-----------Reply to Customer Enquiry------------
Dear customer, the site, You downloaded the firmware from, is not supported by LG - therefore in the future please use in cases like this our website . In situations like this, if You have the drivers for your device (instalation cd), please remove the new version - and install the old one . (from add/remove programs). If not available , try to get it . If it’s not possible You should contact a service center . Best regards, LG Service Team

What Add/Remove?
We’re talking about firmware here. If I was able to uninstall them don’t you think that I wouldn’t have done that a million years ago.

Anyways the problem remains. Do you think that if a contact these guys: they can help me, by bringing some light to the question?