GSA-H10N - spin up problem

Hi all. I’m using an LG GSA-H10N (tried firmwares JL11 and JL12, MCSE speed patched and not) to read dvd+r burnt with my NEC 3540. The media I’m using are Verbatim dvd+r 16x MCC004, and I’ve set the booktype to DVD-ROM. Quality scanning with the NEC is excellent (max PIE approx. 30, max PIF 2 or 3) and so is the reading curve…
Here is the problem: when I put one of these disks in my H10N (that I’m using in my HTPC), it takes at least 40 seconds (sometimes up to 1 minute) to spin it up… but after that the disk is perfectly readable. You can image that this problem is quite annoying.
BTW, ultra-DMA is enabled and moreover I’ve got no problems with Verbatim dvd-r 16x (MCC03RG20), which spin up in 5 seconds or something like that.
I’ve tried to crossflash with h12n firmware UL02 (MCSE speed and code patched), but with that my MCC004s were not even recognized… so I reverted back to JL12.
Any input is greatly appreciated :wink:

Update: burnt another MCC004 with NEC 3540 but without bitsetting to DVD-ROM… same problem. Suggestions and ideas are welcome :iagree:

It may be a problem with your LG drive but also NEC may start the burning on the media you tested in a position slightly further (outer) than usual… I also saw this kind of problem on some burners (I think the discs were burnt on LG 4163 but I am not so sure it was so long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: ).