GSA-H10N Problem

…or maybe not.

Im using Nero and trying to write a dvd video. Its going through the process of encoding the video i guess when an error keeps kicking up.

I dont have the exact error at the moment, but its along the lines of “transcoding error”.

Would this be a problem with the software or the drive? What can i do?

Any help would be great, thanks. :bow:

Transcoding is the process of converting your video into DVD format before burning. It has nothing to do with the writer because it never even gets to the point where it burns the disc. It is either a problem with the software, or a problem with your original video file that you are trying to burn.

Nero isn’t the best thing to use for converting video files into DVD-VIDEO format but I cannot quite remember what is good for that purpose. Suggest you have a look at and search the guides section. You should be able to find something there that does a better job of converting to DVD-VIDEO format than Nero.

Thanks mate. So once ive converted it, would i use nero to burn still?

Try cleaning the dvd… could be scratched…

Yea nero is shit but I don’t think its got anything to do with the software.

Dvd’s are brand new. What software would you suggest then?

ImgBurn… and you’ll like the cost…

It’s free and worth a donation.

Depends on what the conversion software leaves you with. If it leaves you with a disc image, then imgburn will do. However, if it leaves you with a set of folders, one of which is typically VIDEO_TS, go ahead and use Nero to burn it as a DVD-VIDEO disc. Nero is good for burning, but it does a poor job of video file conversion. ImgBurn is about the best for burning disc images.