GSA-H10N or GSA-H22N?



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H22N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]No, I am not asking which one should I buy, I already got them both :smiley:
Here is the situation:

The GSA-H10n is my parent’s machine. For most of the time, the burner is on vacation, meaning they use it only as a reader. However, when I visit them I use it heavily, like 100 DVD burned in a week. We visit them twice a year. So, as you can see, the usage pattern of this one is inconsistent.

The GSA-H22N in my wife’s machine. It is used more consistently, as I make backups of the pictures every 3 weeks (her machine holds the pictures) However, when in a hurry, I don’t backup to DVD, I just slap the eSATA hard drive and copy them to the external HD. I burn the pictures later in my machine (Samsung SH-S203B, Pioneer DVD-215D, Lite-ON 160P6S and a few more… enough burners to start my own pirate shop in that one ;))

Now, because neither of the burners in discussion is my main one, I don’t know them really well. Both firmwares have riplock, so they are fast rippers. My observations as of now is that neither one is spectacular. The 10N has burned a few coasters on MCC004, and the 22N has made a few of its own on Prodisc F02 that the rest of the burners like. So I am not impressed with either. But as you can see, my parents machine, because it is the only burner they have, MUST get the better of the both LGs.

So, which one for that machine? Or should I take one of the other burners I got and give it to them? They are great rippers once the firmware has been patched.



That is a bit of a loaded question because your H10N and H22N are unique… every drive tends to have it’s own bias and may not burn to factory specs. That said, I would say the H22N is the better for me if given a choice.