GSA-H10N, No love for CMC

Final test before I waste anymore discs. This is way too random.

The other possible explanation I can think of is the CMC media, which is variable in quality. Do you have media available to try out? Something like MCC004 (+R) / MCC03RG20 (-R) or YUDEN000T03 (+R) / TYG03 (-R).

None but I’ll try those next after I’m through with these spindles

Also, when I use Nero DVD speed it can create a data disc at 16x always but I don’t know if that says anything. I’m unable to get 16x when burning a real iso/img file.

I am going to bet it’s media related, I had the same experience with my BenQ 1655 here but when I tried a different batch of the same media it burned at 16x fine. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

@subverse :bigsmile:

I had a similar problem with SonyD21 which I believe I have now corrected.
See my post #293 on the following thread:

My changes now allow 16X burning on every SonyD21 disc. If the problem is with your system and not the media, what worked for me may work for you and the CMC media. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions uSerKey. My bus master was already disabled in bios.

I did a few more tests and it seems I am able to run simulation on CD/DVD Speed. Well I popped a disc in and that and it didn’t fair too well.

So I popped in a disc from the middle of the spindle randomly and that one hit 16x. Then on the same disc I did an ISO burn using simulation again and it did ok up until 13x.

Then to make sure it didn’t have something to do with the iso/img, I did create disc again on the same disc and it didn’t hit 16x this time. A few more tests and all the results were random.

I will say that these discs are just random in wuality for now. But is it not unusual for a disc to hit 16x one time then not the other times? So is it safe to assume these are just bad quality CMC’s for now?

I know this drive can hit 16x because it’s done it before so its not my hardware correct? So it must be the discs I am using?

CMC media has always been questionable media. I personally never used them to store sensitive data, but for old/new/test firmwares for various drives just to see how well they turn out to be. I think your drive is fine, it just likes quality media better. :slight_smile: