GSA-H10N, No love for CMC

I bought this drive after reading the reviews of how well it burns 16x CMC. So I bought some TDK 16x DVD+R. The drive won’t burn the disks past 13x and even when it reaches there it fluctuates finally dropping down to 12x. Is there anything I can do? I am using JL11 firmware from TDB. The burns work fine but I want 16x!

Also, anyone who have this media able to get 16x on this burner?

Can you post a picture of the burn? What’s your computer setup? It sounds like there’s some bottleneck that’s holding the drive back from burning up to 16x PCAV. Do you have another drive connected with the burner?

You can use ala42’s MSCE to see the media table and the supported burn speeds.

The file was a .img file so I used DVD Decrypter to burn it. I’ll take a SS of my next burn. I have an old NEC 2500a on the secondary of the IDE cable. My comp specs are P4 3ghz, 1gb ram, 80GB WD 7200 HD primary. Tried burning again with a fresh restart with no programs loaded with same results.

Try a burn without the 2500A connected; by secondary, I assume you mean slave position on the same IDE channel. Using an 80-conductor IDE cable?

You can get CD-DVD Speed 4.60 here for free and use Create Disc to burn a disc so you can see the graph. After it’s done, click the FDD icon on top right to save it as a .png file and then you can attach it with a post.

Yea I meant slave (always mix those two up) and its on an 80pin cable. I’ll try to do that right now.

Unhooked my 2nd drive and this is the result. Burned worse than on DVD Decryptor…

I have a similar problem in my system. The reason is my buggy IDE chipset - which is simply not suitable for 16x burns. With JL11 firmware, I got similar burns like you. But after I updated to firmware [B]JJ11[/B], the drive was set to DMA4 and could achieve at least 13x speed.

I see the buffer is really fluctuating, so it apparently is an IDE issue.
Is the LG @ Ultra DMA Mode 2? Have you checked the cables?

subverse, that doesn’t look right at all. If you have any IDE drivers (NVIDIA, VIA, SiS), uninstall them and use MS’s native one instead after a reboot. Defragment the hard drive as well, if needed.

It is on Ultra DMA 2, I’ve checked device manager. How do I uninstall my IDE drivers? Do I just remove them from device manager?

Alright I went ahead with the driver rollback to the default MS ones (funny how the default MS drivers weren’t digitally signed) and here are the results!

Thanks guys for all your help! I love this drive now :smiley: I’ll give those JJ11 firmware a try also!

Very nice, that’s how it should be. :clap: BTW, under File > Options > Transfer Rate, you can raise the maximum DVD speed to something like 18 so you can see the line. If you ever get a 18x or 20x drive later, you can raise it again. :iagree:

Also, under Extra > Bitsetting, you can booktype +R and +R9 discs to -ROM.

You may try to reconnect your 2500A as slave again and see if the performance is the same. If you crossflash to JJ11, the drive will become UDMA4, which “could” conflict with the 2500A’s UDMA2.

Well the victory was short lived. I tried burning a real DVD iso and got this as a result:

Defragment issues?

UPDATE: Well I tried to burn an iso off my D drive which doesn’t need to be defragged but the results aren’t much better

I’m at a lost :confused:

The buffer is varying widely. Perhaps you can try ImgBurn 2.0.0 for burning iso files. It doesn’t have the fancy Nero GUI, but it does the job well.

I will try but the same thing happens in dvd decryptor…

Alright I tried IMGBURN and it worked. The disc burned at 16x though I don’t know how well. Why is it possible in IMGBurn but not nero and dvd decryptor?

how long did it take to burn in ImgBurn? was it really a 16x burn ?

The .img was only 3.9gb

Tried a bigger ISO and got errors

E 13:32:33 Failed to Write Sectors 2260416 - 2260447 - Invalid Address For Write
E 13:32:33 Next Writable Address: 0
I 13:32:33 Synchronising Cache…
I 13:32:34 Closing Track…
I 13:32:35 Finalising Disc…
E 13:32:57 Failed to Write Image!
E 13:32:57 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:05:47
I 13:32:57 Average Write Rate: 15,429 KB/s (11.1x) - Maximum Write Rate: 22,361 KB/s (16.1x)