Gsa-h10n: Jx06 -> jl12?

I got this IBM-branded drive free and it’s got firmware JX06. I don’t care about speed much but I am after a high-quality burn. I note the latest LG firmware is JL12.

Is it possible to flash over my IBM firmware with the LG and have it work? If so, what would be the potential benefit (or loss) of doing the replacement? And finally, how would I go about it, since the LG flasher tells me it can’t see my drive?

You can crossflash to JL12 by patching the JL12 flasher with MCSE. The latest official firmware is JX07, which has the same internal date as JL12.

Thanks for the help. I bumped it up to JX07 - maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I will go JL12 one of these days.