GSA H10N : Is there a RPCI or an autoreset version of lastest firmware?

Hi. I want to update the firmware on my H10N to the latest version (JL12). Currently I have a dangerous brothers RPC autoreset version of JL11 but I cant find any patched version of JL12. Does anyone know if one exists?

BTW. I tried MCSE (media code speed edit) but it has the RPC checkbox greyed out. Am I doing something wrong here or doesn’t MCSE support RPC unlocking on the H10N?

JL12 RPC2 autoreset does not exist.

Thanks info Chef. :slight_smile:

BTW. What about RPC-1, is there any tools that can patch the H10N to RPC-1?

Oh, wait.

MCSE does support it!

Oh, wait. MCSE does support it!

Yep it let me apply the speed patch which definitely lets it rip dvd’s faster. But the RPC-1 checkbox is greyed out, see attached image. Anyway it appears that region unlocking is not supported so I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or if this is just the way it is with this drive.