Gsa-h10n HELP! Wont burn anything

I have seen lots of people fustrated with this DVD writer. My problem is mainly with the burner. It read ok but never burns - not even in simulation.

It comes up with a error even when I try to change it to either j11 or J12. I will take this god fersaken thing back to the store. So fustrating.

I am at work at the moment and don;t have the exact error message. But the is a Location error , with DMA at the end of the error message. Oher thread say to try changing the resources but I have no such TAB for it in Device manager. It is weird wuz it begins to burn for about 3 seconds when stops, and displays the error.
Any ideas?
Thanks guys

I imagine you are using JL11 firmware, trying to update to JL12. It sounds like you may have a bad cable. Try getting a new 80-conductor IDE cable and see if the problem goes away. Make sure you set the drive as Master, since it sounds like it’s your only one.