GSA-H10N, First LG Drive to Have 12x DVD-RAM

Not very exciting, but of the latest LG.

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And 12x Hitachi-Maxell DVD-RAM media.

It can’t be a coincidence for Hitachi to help LG to release H10N in Tokyo just when Maxell releases their first 12x DVD-RAM media.

LG GSA-H10N in Seoul:

A little more expensive than in Japan as usual.

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Hopefully other drives/manufacturers follow soon.

Does this drive finally support PIE/PIF scanning?
(I guess it doesn’t, but this shouldn’t be so difficult to support…)

Nice to see this drive finally on sale. Buffalo released a rebadged versions of this drive earlier but LG’s own model was only seen on display in an exhibition as a prototype.

Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before this drive is sold around the world. Same for the 12x DVD-RAM discs.

I guess the only other question is if the H10A and H10N are in any way similar.

In Spain is already in stores :), anybody knows where find a review of this drive?

Oh, you’re a lucky one. It’s only going to be available in Germany from End of April :frowning:

Review: No, I didn’t find any review on the web, but I’m sure the CDfreaks guys are going to make a nice review soon…

As far as I know, LG doesn’t want that in any of their products. Forget it.

Does it use the renesas chipset?
It’s now available in germany, interesting specs this would be my next Lg drive.

Is there any information about 12x RAM media availability in Europe?

H10N uses RENESAS R8J32018FPV.
4167B is RENESAS R8J32007FPV.

Already available in Hong Kong for few days.

TDK -R 8x(MIJ)
TYG02 @ 8x

Nice, this one seems to be a winner!

A few more burns for your viewing pleasure,


MC, that YUDEN000T02 looks pretty bad. Do you have any other scanning drive besides the 1620 or 1625?