GSA-H10N can't burn CD-R. alot of problems

i recently just bought GSA-H10N. when i wanted to burn CD-R for for my project, i get errors. i’m using nero and alcholo 120% to burn… i also have InCD install in my comupter that comes with a cd when i buy the dvd drive. Also i can’t open up the empty disc. it say incorrect function. i haven’t try DVD yet. Is my dvd drive spolit or something? i also haven’t update any firmware. i saw some threads that say it is better to uninstall InCD.
i also say that it has conflict of core 2 dual. is it true? cause i am using that.

Funny because I have the same problem and was looking for a solution. In Nero or CD Architect, when burning CDs, it just jams at 1% forever and then need to scap the CD. However, it burns my DVD without any problems.

I also can not update my firmware (JL10) to the latest one (JL11). It just jams there when I do so.

I also have a Core 2 Intel. I wonder if that is the problem? Would be stange tho. Any ideas anyone?


Of course you can’t open an empty disc in Explorer as there’s nothing on it :iagree:

What kind of errors do you get?

By all means uninstall InCD, it is buggy and sucks.

No clue with that Core 2 Duo issue though, I’m sticking to Pentium D :sad:

Hello ongws and welcome to the forum.

Does your motherboard use the Intel 965 chipset? The problems I have heard of have less to do with the core 2 dual processor and more to do with the chipset used in the motherboard. The 965 is currently, one of the most popular chipsets for the core 2 dual. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a native Intel IDE controller built in but instead uses a third party JMicro IDE controller. That is the cause of the problems.

The solution was to install the JMicro RAID drivers that came with the motherboard, even if you are not using RAID with your hard drives. It seems the RAID drivers are also the IDE drivers for the JMicro controller. You need to install those otherwise the IDE controller will not function correctly under windows.

This is something I picked up from another guy who was an early adopter of the 965 chipset. I’m not sure if it is totally true but it is at least something to try. If you are using the 965 chipset, see if this helps.

After a couple of hours of searching, I found the problem!

I use an external casing for my drive and this LG drive is NOT compatible with the casing chipset (as I understand). So you need to download the LG GSA-5160D DVD Bridge Board Firmware Windows 2000/XP to make it compatible. Kind of weird because it is a driver for another drive and they say to install it ONLY if you have that drive but it really does the trick! Actually Karangguni, I saw one of your post at and gave me the solution! Here is the link for the firmware:

Hope that work for you guys too. Here I was blaming the Core Duo2 CPU but was something else. I have my Core Duo 2 CPU for about 2 months now and it works like a charm. It is actually a lot faster then the Intel D series. I wanted to buy an Intel Duo2 for my son’s new computer too but was too expensive so I settled for the AMD X2 5000+ CPU instead. I know it is not as fast as a 2.4GHz Duo2 but it’s better then a 900 Mhz AMD CPU.