GSA-H10N - burning @16x does not work


I am using Platinum labelled RitekF1 DVD-R discs which are supposed to work @16x in my LG DVD-writer (h10n, firmware j11).

Although 16x can be selected in Nero and the burning process starts normally, the drive does not even reach 12x. I have attached a screenshot which shows the problem. Note that reading works up to 16x!

Is it due to the media? Or is my system too slow (Athlon XP 2600+, burner as secondary slave in UDMA mode2, latest version of Nero 6).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

in my opinion it’s just lousy media.
Athlon XP 2600+ is plenty fast enough. UDMA mode2 is fine. latest Nero 6 is fine too.

RITEKF1 is problematic with many writers. Have a look at some of the drive reviews here and you’ll see evidence of that. It’s just not very good quality media. If you switch to Verbatim 16x discs, chances are your problems will disappear.

Unless of course, your writer is sharing that IDE cable with a hard drive.

Btw, with JJ11, your drive is actually now a UDMA4 device. Chances are you are still using a 40 wire IDE cable to connect that drive to the motherboard, which is why it is being detected as UDMA2. Switch to an 80 wire cable and it should be detected as UDMA4. It isn’t necessary for 16x burns at all (UDMA2 is enough for 16x burns) but since your drive supports it, why not?

RITEKF1 is problematic, but it’s even more problematic because it’s Platinum! :wink: