GSA-H10N big problem


I’m new in forum but i have a very big problem with my DVD LG GSA-H10N.
The problem is when i burn something my computer restart and the"blue screen " appear with following text IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or bad_pool_header .

Can you help me , please!!!

Sounds like you have some buggy drivers. Either the IDE/ATAPI driver, or some Filter drivers related to the CD/DVD Burner Applications (Nero, Roxio, InCD) or CD/DVD Virtualization programs (Daemon Tools, Alcohol).

Since you have provided no information about your system’s hardware and software configuration we can’t be any more specific.

The Microsoft IDE/ATAPI drivers are pretty solid, so we’d suggest you trying to use those rather than those from Nvidia, VIA, etc.

Brother Vlad

If the above suggestion doesn’t help try replacing the IDE strap. I have had the same issue and the IDE strap was the culprit.:slight_smile:

Problem resolved:

my computer doesn’t have ASPI drivers instaled .

The question is why?