GSA-H10N auto bitsetting/booktype question



I have used the search function to try to find an answer, but have not found one.

I have a H10N with the JL11 firmware. I also have a Plextor 716SA installed as master with the LG as slave. I wish to auto set booktype to DVD-ROM. I know I can set the booktype to DVD-ROM when burning an iso file in Decrypter, but I would like to also do so when copying a disk directly. For that I use Burning Nero with latest update. With my Plextor 716SA Nero gives me the opportunity change the type, but that option does not show up at all for the LG. Not greyed out, but not even there. I tried the trial version of DVDInfo Pro and it would change booktype, but think there might be a conflict with it and AnyDVD or some other program as my computer locked up occassionally. I have un-installed DVDInfo Pro and have had no other lock-ups.

My Plextor is giving out and I would like to replace it with another H10N since the price is very attractive, but don’t want to do it unless I can auto change booktype so I don’t have to bother with it every disk. From reading the forum it appears the hacked JJ11 fw will do what I want, but I’m confused by the fw numbers as to what is older/newer. Would this work? Is there something in Nero I am overlooking? Thanks.


Why use Nero Burn to do copying disc to disc? Just rip the files to your hard drive with Decrypter and use ImgBurn to burn the disc. Then you can choose booktype to Dvd-Rom in ImgBurn.


I just downloaded ImgBurn and will give it a try, but what is the difference between that and just ripping an iso file with Decrypter and buning that? Doesn’t this way take an additional 20 or so minutes? Disc to disc with Nero I have the burn time, this way I have the ripping time in addition to the same amount of burn time.


If you wish to use Nero, you can use the JJ11 firmware which is the hitachi version of LG’s LL11 firmware. Hitachi’s version will give you auto-bitsetting and also change your drive from UDMA 2 to UDMA 4. If you are not satified with this firmware, you can always use TDB’s JL11 firmware to flash back.


I flashed JJ11 and made a direct copy from the Plextor to the LG with Nero and the booktype was automatically set to DVD-ROM which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks much.

DVD Addict, I tried out ImgBurn and can see where it does much more than the writing function of Decrypter. Thanks. I’m not married to using Nero, but I think that’s the only inexpensive product that will allow me to make a quick direct copy from one writer to another without going through a separate ripping function to my hard drive.