GSA-H10L won't read first disc after powerup

Strange occurence here. After a cold boot, when the system comes up, the first disc I load into the drive ends up not being read. The drive just tries to read it but never can(light blinks, as if it’s trying). If I open and close the tray, it then reads it fine and is perfect the rest of the night, no matter what I put in it.

This no read on boot, happens about 75% of the time and the time I wait, after the system boots(ie. letting the system settle down for a few minutes and such) doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Not sure what it is but something isn’t right. I’m thinking of exchanging it for another one(got it from Best Buy only a few days ago) and seeing if that has any issues.



FYI, I’m running the most current firmware LL11.

LG drives do take some time to read the discs, whether blank or written, but it shouldn’t not read them. Have you tried other discs? Or is it just the first disc, no matter what type it is. I’ve had mine for about 4 weeks now and it doesn’t have the symptom you’re referring to. Check the usual suspects: cable, jumper setting, power plug. If you have packet writing software (InCD or DLA), remove those.

Thanx for the reply. It really doesn’t matter what disc I put in, it just kinda get stuck trying to read it. No packet writing software and I’ve had the drive completely out and back in again(checked the jumpers too), and no change. I picked up another one at lunch(same exact model) and am gonna swap it out tonight, to see if this one is any better.

if you still have the same problem. I would try this.

Create a Bootable floppy with CD-ROM drivers on it.

Boot to dos with the floppy and see if you are able to read the disc contents. you shouldnt have to copy anything, just use plain DOS commands , “dir” or “cd myforlder” etc… I’ll assume you have a little bit of knowledge of using dos.

If the above is sucessful without the need to swap discs to get the drive going, then I would assume that you have a software related problem in Windows and it’s not actually the drive’s fault.

Someone may have other sugestions, but this is what I would do since DOS is completely disassociated from WinXP

Well, I installed the new one and this one seems fine. It also seems to start reading the disc a bit faster then the first one too. So it seems the first drive was a bit flakey.