GSA H10L Slow burning speed problem

Please forgive any repetitive questions, I have read through some information on this site already but still can’t seem to get this problem rectified.
About a week ago I noticed that my burning speeds had come to a crawl.
To give a recent example I tried burning a data dvd, apprx 2 gb and it took 30 mins. Previously I had used the same data and it would have taken about 5 mins.

I tried changing the DMA as per previous threads but that has not helped.
I did a benchmark scan and ran nero infotool and here is some of the information if that helps?

I notice that in nero infotool DMA is off, how do i turn it on? Did I not turn it on in the device manager? Please help, this is extremely frustrating.
Thanks in advance for all the help and great site!!

You can download the VB script in my signature & then run that with Explorer. That should do the trick.

Awesome it worked!!!
I feel much better now! :bigsmile:
Thank you