GSA H10L long lead in

my new Lg burner has long lead in time, close to one min. all my other burner except my BenQ with solidburn on start writing much faster. Just wondering…

Can you gives us more info. Firmware revision, Media code (type) of the disc you are trying to burn and burning software would be a good start.:slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. The drive is brand new. The lead-in time takes anything between 1minute to 4minutes (sometimes even longer)!!! I use CMC MAG M01 media (TDK DVD+R 16x from costco).

Firmware is LL11 (latest one)
Nero burning rom (I believe that’s the one that came with the drive).
A full DVD will take between 5:30 to 14minutes to complete depending on the lead-in time!!! That’s really odd.

So I bought a Sony DRU-820A (firmware 1.0b) and tested the same media. The Sony drive only recognized it as 8x but with MediaCodeSpeedEdit I changed it to 16x and it burns the same DVDs between 5:30 to 7 minutes.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello ptrinephi and welcome to the forum,

One of our users with contacts in the media business had some insider information that the TDK discs shipped to Costco are of sub standard or at least lower quality than TDK discs sold elsewhere. This was done because of the low cost price Costco has on them. That is how it manages to sell these discs for so low a price.

I’d advise you to try with some other discs first (decent stuff, please) and see if your lead in times are still that long.

i’ve noticed that when i burn an image with ImgBurn (v1.3) on some fake TY DVD-R with my H10L, the lead-in takes a long time - approx 1 minute. burn the same image with CDSpeed (4.51.3) the problem disappears.
what exactly were you burning and how ?

I’m transfering home movies to DVDs. BTW: I used to have a plextor 716A and it burned the same types of movies on the same media at about 6min (similar to sony DRU-820A). Unfortunately, the 716a died on me and that’s why I’m looking for a replacement.

Also, what the heck is lead-in/lead-out anyway?

firmware LL11 with mediacode speed up
media code MCC 004 and cmc M01
nero burnning rom

compare to my DW1640 bspb speedpatched