GSA-H10L Light Scribe Issues

So I bought the this DVD burner with Light Scribe to run in an External USB 2.0 enclousure. I’m using it on my Laptop. I was able to burner a Data DVD no problem last night, but as soon as I flipped the disk and tried using the Light scribe feature in Nero, I got a Cannot comminicate error with Light scribe drive. I rebooted both the Laptop and the Drive still no luck. I’m using Hp 16x DVD-R light scribe disks. Any suggestions on this?

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Do you have the LightScribe System Software installed?

I’m at work atm I assumed it was installed with Nero, but maybe its not, so I’ll try that tonight, thanks Arachne.


I installed another version of Nero too yesterday to go with a LS drive, and just to be safe I installed the LS system software too, so it may be worth a go :slight_smile:

Good luck! If it doesn’t help, we can go from there :slight_smile:

reinstalled the nero it came with it, updated my light scribe drivers, still nothing works :frowning:

think I need to return it and get the H-22L drive

It’s probably the USB enclosure. What kind of enclosure do you have?

It could well be, internal LGs are funny about being in enclosures. :iagree:…mine’s fine, but only because it was an external drive to begin with.

Another idea would be to try the drive internally and see if it works, then you know there’s either something funny about the enclosure, or the drive just doesn’t like it. :slight_smile:

Its a Vanatec Enclosure, I don’t get it, it burns no problem, but yet you flip the disk and do the light scribe and in nero it tells me either internal error, or comminication error. I tried Light scribe’s simple labeler from there website and i get a invalid media error, I also tried and another software trial from light scribes site same thing. I’ve tried 4 different disks, and there HP 16x Light scribe dvd’s I’m at a lose. I didn’t notice that I was suppose to by the H-22L drive but they sold me the H-10L drive. So I’m not sure of the differences between the 2.

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I’m thinking of exchanging this for the H-22L or going with teh Lite-on LH-20A1H-186. Anyone have an advice on which would be better. I real don’t need 20x speed, but they are the same price for me up here in Canada.

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You could try some Verbatim LS discs before you swap the drive. That error sometimes is caused by media. :wink: