Gsa-h10a wont burn dvd

I installed a new LG super multi drive (model GSA-H10A) in my computer. The drive is set as a master on the secondary ide. The computer recognises the drive as a cd-rom not a dvd drive. The drive plays dvds but wont burn them. The software that came with the drive was nero 5.5 in a dundle. Running the drive tool on the software shows the drive is working correctly and that it is capable of burning all formats. All the latest firmware has been installed. Running windows me. When burning with nero it sends the file being burnt to mydocuments as an image file, and the dvd cant be selected.

Any ideas

^You sure Nero 5.5? Such an old version? Download the latest version and see if it recognises your drive. Get, version 7 of Nero is quite buggy.

Nero 5.5 wont support that drive !!

Try a freeware program like CdburnerXP ( ) to test your drive.

Nero 5.5.
And bundled version…
Simply forget it.