GSA-H10A problem with ridata DVD-R DL disks

I’m getting incompatiable media errors when using these disks. Is there any way to get this drive to use these disks? Is there any firmware hacks for this drive?

This is the worst drive I have every owned.

Stay away from any Ri* crap media, especially all kinds of DL media.

Sorry, but these discs are really quite awful. It isn’t your drive - it is the discs that are at fault. Have a look at this link - it is full of people complaining about these discs :

A few words of advice : unless you have a drive/DVD player that absolutely only accepts DVD-R DL discs, don’t use them at all. DVD-R DL discs don’t work at all with a lot of DVD players because it is a newer standard than DVD+R DL (no, it’s not the same deal as with DVD-R discs). There isn’t any other reason to use DVD-R DL discs at all. They offer nothing over DVD+R DL discs.

Also, the most compatible DL discs are made by Verbatim. Most of the other brands (especially the cheaper ones) are all made by Ritek. Many DVD writers and DVD players have problems with Ritek DL media. If you want to avoid the aggravation of playing the “will it work with my equipment?” lucky dip, just stick with Verbatims.