GSA-H10A picked up as CD Drive



Hi I have a LG GSA-H10A DVD R/W Drive and what I mean by it’s picked up as a CD Drive is that Windows XP thinks that my DVD Drive is a CD Drive. It can read DVD’s fine and write DVD back ups too (using alcohol 120%) but when I use the writing wizard it comes up with a error and says it can not complete. I’m not sure why this is so if anyone could help :D,
Thanks NaTH98

  1. Windows always reports an optical drive as “CD drive” until you actually put a disc into the drive. Then, depending on the disc, it will sometimes mention DVD-video, or the title of the disc… or nothing special. It’s a Windows quirk.

  2. Windows does [I]not[/I] have a DVD writing utility, only a CD writing one. You need some adequate burning software to burn DVDRs, like Nero.


Oh ok thanks alot. So say I wanted to burn some files onto a DVD, can I put them together in Nero and then burn them through Nero? If not what program can?
Thanks NaTH98


Not sure that’s exactly what you mean, but if I take you post literally, the answer is yes. :iagree:

If you’re referring to DVD-video, though, things are more complicated, and this forum section dedicated to LG drives is not the best to discuss that. :wink: