GSA-H10A - Can't Finalise DVD in Nero and weird write speed in CD Burner XP Pro

This one is giving a real headache.

First, in Nero(ver. i can’t tick the “Finalize disc”.
… and then, in CD Burner XP Pro 3, i have weird write speed. The drop-down list starts with about 15 times 1.0X speed, then 2 times 8.0X, then 2x4.0X and finally, 2 times 1x again. No 16.0X tho, even if i have a 16X blank DVD+R in the drive.

Here are the things that i’ve checked/done before typing this very post :

1- Uninstall/Reinstall Nero/CD Burner XP Pro.
2- ASPI Cleanup/Reinstall version 4.60(from what i’ve seen, it’s the most stable version).
3- Nero InfoTool says that ASPI and NeroASPI are installed and working properly.
4- Updated firmware version to JL04.
5- I tried Nero CD-DVD Speed and i’ve got a sparkling 16X writing speed with no problem, no error, no nothing.
6- I tried BenQ 8X DVD+R blanks, no-name DVD-R blanks, Maxell 8X and 16X DVD+R blanks and i get the same problem everytime, can’t tick that damn Finalize disc option.

I formatted and reinstalled Winblows last weekend and before that, Nero and CD Burning were working perfectly fine, so the problem is not the drive itself… must be something i’m forgetting or don’t know about.

Any help ? :confused:

Are you burning a movie or an Audio CD. If I’m not mistaken, these formats are finalized by default.

Nope, I’m burning data… as in, pictures, mp3, RAR, etc.

Oh and before someone asks, yes i choose “No Multisession”.

Then finalizing should be enabled or selectable…

Well, it’s not. It’s greyed and i can’t tick it.

… and now, in Vista on another partition, i still can’t tick the goddamn option. I think i’m gonna chuck that POS DVD burner out of the window… :a

maybe it’s a bug in this version of Nero. did you try an older version ?

I suspect you have some driver or software running that is interfering with your writer’s ability to work properly. Can you post a log from Nero (remember to remove your serial number from the log before posting)?

The other possibility is that you have some other device connected to the same IDE cable as your writer and that other device somehow does not agree with your writer. This does happen and a few users here have experienced various problems all caused by other drives connected to the same IDE cable, which didn’t agree with their writers.

H’asta la Vista, Vista!

What do you expect from an not yet released and full of bugs OS???