GSA H-62L Boot problem

I’ve got a GSA H-62L on an Intel D975XBX. When I attach the H-62L to one of the primary SATA ports (ICH7R), POST usually either hangs at stage 5a (reset SATA bus) or takes an extremely long time (couple of minutes) to move on to the next stage, after which the O/S usually won’t boot because of disk related problems.

If I attach the H-62L to the secondary SATA controller (SiL 3112), POST usually completes without problem and the system boots normally from a power off state. A warm reboot usually works, but occasionally the machine will hang completely unless I also attach a SATA hard drive to the secondary controller – then the machine works completely normally all the time.

Operationally this isn’t much of a problem…the drive works fine as both burner and reader off the secondary controller. The only time it is an issue is on those rare occasions when I need to boot from the drive…most self-booting CD’s won’t support booting off the secondary SATA controller.

I’m presuming that this is not very common because I don’t see any one else complaining of the same problem, but if anyone has any ideas I’d sure appreciate the input.


how are our Intel SATA controllers configured? Neither RAID nor AHCI are best suited for optical drives.


The moral of this story:

If you are running RAID on your main SATA hard drives, or if you’re taking anywhere close to full advantage of what SATA offers, then you’re way better off sticking to PATA for your optical drives. This is because there is currently no SATA optical drive chipset which works well with any of the advanced features of the SATA interface, and getting a SATA optical drive to work with SATA hard drives connected to the same controller often requires “dumbing down” the SATA controller to IDE-compatibility mode, which will drop the maximum burst speed of the interface, which may be all the way down to Ultra DMA/33 or even PIO-only Mode 4 (16.6 MB/s) with some companies’ SATA controllers. (I know for a fact that Intel and NVIDIA SATA controllers will default to SATA/150 when operated in IDE-compatibility mode.)

Interesting. I’m running SATA as AHCI, but no RAID.

I had tried setting the BIOS to run SATA in IDE compatibility mode, but as far as I recall, I still had the POST issue with the H-62L attached to the primary (ICH7R) SATA controller. I may have to give that another try just for the sake of understanding what is going on.

As for the rest, yes I bought a Pioneer D-112 ($33 from NewEgg) so I could boot from an optical drive on those rare occasions when that is necessary.