Hi gentlemen,

It’s been a while since my last post here at cdrfreaks…
The reason must be the woman I have met four years ago… :bigsmile:

A friend bought a LG GSA-E40N. His question is, is there any region free firmware? I have done some reading and I am not sure if the drive is the same (chipset) as a H42N.

Any help or link to a region free firmware would be great!

thanks for your time.

Hehe… :bigsmile:

Could you post a Discinfo output??

E40N sounds like some OEM drive.

I am afraid my friend cant give us this information. He was happy that he could find the right whole in the computer to plug his usb drive in… and because he lives at a big distance and I don’t want to leave my girlfriend for more than a hour, I can’t get this information either. So any other help is very welcome…

Hi mauricetgol.
Netherlands is not that big is it? Last time I crossed your country it only took me 2 hours with MC.

Back to topic; phone your friend and ask him what’s the current firmware, to start with.

BTW, most probably the [B]E[/B]40N is just an external version of H42N. My $0.02

There is no doubt about that. The firmware bootcode is identical.

You think he could give the (region free?) firmware for the H42N a try?

Hi Pinto long time no see / hear. The Netherlands indeed is a small country. But two hours on a bike is very quick… maybe you should think about joining the Tour the France…

ps Ala, I registered to the firmware request forum, but I am still waiting to get the activation mail.

Hi I am afraid that my friends burner still isn’t accepting the dvd’s from different regions. Is there anyone who could help us?

Many thanks!