GSA-E10L Super Multi on Win98?

My drive works fine on my own WinXP PC, no issues … now trying to get it working on an older Win98 PC to transfer files for folks to a new PC, and no joy … tried looking on the web for a Win98 driver to be able to recognise the drive and no success yet … anyone have any suggestions? Be much appreciated - thanks!

If you know the chipset used by the USB Enclosure you could start there and Google to see if there are any drivers for that chipset.

You will however also need some older burner software from Nero or Roxio that runs on Win98, the newer stuff probably doesn’t.

Alternatively, you might be able to use a DOS version of Norton Ghost that boots into DOS off CD and has some generic USB mass-storage drives that can burn to USB DVD drives.

There are also USB-to-IDE adapters that would allow you to attach the old hard drive directly to the new PC, or USB-to-USB data transfer devices with file migration software.

Brother Vlad