GSA E10L LE06 - Ubuntu

hi guys,

i updated a new LG GSA E10-L LE05 to LE06 with win XP.
know i want to use it under Ubuntu.
but i can’t find that bloody thing.

what goes wrong?


please explain.
what do you mean by “you can’t find teh bloody thing” ?

i can’t find it in the system config. or unter “computer” or somewhere else.
it’s like i didn’t plugged it in.


the drive should show up if you insert a disc. Also, it should be accessible in a CD/DVD burning application.
Linux is not Windows, so you should not expect same behaviour.


thats the problem, it’s not accessible… not at all

You should figure out what chipset is being used by the USB controller of both the computer and enclosure. If either are not supported by Ubuntu then you are going to have a problem.

Does Ubuntu recognise your motherboards USB controller? You don’t provide any information about your motherboard or system configuration.

Do you have a USB Flash drive? and is that recognised by Ubuntu?

We would imagine the enclosure uses a generic Mass Storage class driver, if it does not you will need a suitable driver.

Perhaps you should contact Ubuntu, or goto their support forum, you might get more specific help.

Brother Vlad