GSA-E10L, burns won't play on commercial dvd player


I just got an LG super multi dvdram model GSA-E10L a couple of days ago. I burned a few dvd’s at first and they played on my dvd player without any problem. The first 4 discs were playing but every disc i’ve burned since then gets a “disc error” and won’t play at all. However, my PC recognizes and plays them still.

Swapping earlier discs with later ones on my dvd player give the same results: earlier ones play and the other ones don’t.

What could be causing this problem?

Hello tonique8 and welcome to the forum.

Need a few more details here. What discs did you use (brand/speed/+ or -) for all those burns, the ones that work as well as the ones that didn’t work. Also, did you do anything different when burning the ones that work compared to when you burned those that didn’t work?

I bought a 50pck bundle of philips dvd-r’s (1-16x) so I was using those for all my burns. I don’t think I did things differently for the burns that didn’t work…I even tried two other software for burning but it still wouldn’t play. Funny how it plays in my PC though.

One thing I noticed when I first connected the drive is that windows couldn’t see my internal dvd-rom drive…but eventually all my drives were there.

I also checked the device driver for my gsa and it was by microsoft dated 2001! I wonder if there could be an issue with that. Also, what does it mean when u guys say ‘flash the drive’?

I shall try different media and see if they work…but it still doesn’t explain why the first four discs turned out alright.

Thanks for the reply!

That’s normal. I have the same drivers. I don’t think there are newer drivers (maybe M$ will give us new ones when Longhorn comes out).

Also, what does it mean when u guys say ‘flash the drive’?

“Flashing the drive” means updating it’s firmware.

Sounds like your DVD player is a bit picky and doesn’t really like those discs. Your DVD writer of course, doesn’t suffer from that kind of disc xenophobia :slight_smile: So you get a situation where some discs work out and some don’t.

One thing you can try is to burn them at 8x instead. Sometimes burn quality is better at lower speeds, sometimes worse. Since you’re stuck with 50 of those discs, might be worth a try. It’s possible that the burn quality wasn’t that good and your DVD player is a little more grumpy about reading discs that aren’t burned so well. Don’t bother trying to burn those discs at 4x though as 16x discs generally don’t burn that well below 8x.

Windows uses a standard set of drivers for all DVD writers. Since XP was written around 2001, that is when those drivers were written. Hence the date. It’s nothing to worry about.

Do try with other discs, say maybe Verbatim or TY media if you can find them.

Hi, id like to apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, i dont know much about this. I have a symphonic SR90VE dvd player/recorder and i also have TDK DVD-R 1-16x discs. i get a disc error when i pop these in, however i have used other dvd-r discs before and they worked fine. I assumed that 1-16x meant that the speed could be 1x,2x,3x,4x, etc. If this is correct, then how do i change the speed to the speed my dvd player wants? if this is not correct, then what does it mean? thankyou.

1-16x means that it can be 1x, 2x/2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x, (12x, 13x/14x with some drives), 16x. :slight_smile:
It is the burning speed which you can change before burning, in the burning app (ImgBurn, Nero, Alcohol…).

TDK 16x DVD-R isn’t that good. Try some Verbatim…