Just found it a few minutes ago:

The technical specs looks similar to the GSA 2166, but the 5169 does not have Lightscribe. As interface only USB 2.0 is specified, even if the burner name looks like the USB/FW versions.

This special burner hast AV capabilities to burn videos directly on a DVD… only with touching one button!

Interesting product, though never heard of 5169 myself. Nice of LG to try something other than those looking-alike 16x DVD burners.,GGLG:2005-22,GGLG:en&q=GSA-5169d

Only in Europe maybe. LG Germany people can probably answer about it.

If I can recall it, I think HP used to have a drive that could copy to DVD directly.
Bad news as it seems LG gave up firewire connections+
If the problem was 16x speed they should have gone for firewire 800 instead+

If interface bandwidth mattered that much for DVD burning, all the major optical drive manufacturers (that excludes names like Plextor) should have given up IDE entirely long ago and opted SAS or SATA instead. SATA costs nearly nothing nowadays whereas IEEE 1394b 800Mbps which is 100MB/s is still rare and expensive. :slight_smile:


This is an example of LG customer service… You may want to rethink LG products. :frowning:

Jim K

Valerie: Hello Jim Ketchum. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
Jim Ketchum: Hi… I need to get me 6SA-5169D to work with vista
Valerie: To better assist you, I will need to put you in the hands of a product specialist. Please hold while the session is transferred to the appropriate specialist. We appreciate your patience.
Notice: Valerie transferred Jim Ketchum to Computer Products.
Notice: Mark has joined the chat session.
Notice: Valerie has exited the chat session.
Jim Ketchum: Hi Mark
Notice: Valerie has exited the chat session.
Jim Ketchum: My one touch seems to dislike Vista (as I do!)
Mark: What problem are you having with the drive?
Jim Ketchum: My computer will recognize it but will not allow me access to any dvd or cd that I insert
Jim Ketchum: works fine on xp and on Max
Jim Ketchum: Mac
Jim Ketchum: Seems like many other people have the same problem (I googled it)
Jim Ketchum: It won’t even do a full install on the software that came with the drive
Jim Ketchum: also says something about wnaspi32.dll not detected and No HLDS Device detected.
Jim Ketchum: You there?
Mark: Seems like the Vista driver isn’t compatible with the drive. The drive won’t play any media at all?
Jim Ketchum: nope
Jim Ketchum: actually it WILL play but you cannot record or format
Mark: It could just be an incompatibility issue with the Vista driver. You can try going to this link for Microsoft which will remove the entries for the drive and then allow them to reinstall once you reboot. If that doesn’t fix the problem then the drive just isn’t fully compatible.
Jim Ketchum: so i throw it away?
Jim Ketchum: seems like kind of a drastic solution lol
Jim Ketchum: you guys dont have a software or firmware update for Vista - This drive is not very old.
Mark: No sir, unfortunately we don’t.
Jim Ketchum: WOW… OK thanks
Notice: Mark has exited the chat session.