Gsa-5169d video to disc

Saw this at Sam’s Club. Looks pretty interesting. Is anyone using it and if so how do you like it? Thanks,

Here is a review of the drive which is just a few days old :

I don’t have the drive and so cannot tell you about it. It is quite expensive and seems to cost more than other external models. I am guessing that it is probably because of the built in video-to-disc feature.

Thanks karangguni, but for $133.00 at Sam’s which includes the video to disc feature is it really that expensive? Usb TV cards will go for about $100.00. Thanks again, I’ll take a look at the review.

Ahh well, if you look at it that way, it might be cheaper after all. :slight_smile:

I’ve just read an test about it and was impressed.
Not by all the specs, but by LG being the first one doing release of such an product…

PS. I read it in a paper mag.

I have that model…but I´ve experienced that, after creating a DVD (e.g. using power producer 2 gold) and playing it back on my Home DVD system, the movie stops anytime (4 to 6 times on a common 2 hour movie)

My GSA-5169D and PC (core 2 DUO) are completely new and my home DVD is perfectly…I´m writing to LG right now…I hope they give me a good tip.


Use better media.