LG was displaying a few units of GSA-5168Dt in Yongsan. GSA-5168D looked shorter than GSA-5163D. I didn’t have pictures of them because my SPH-S2300’s camera unit wasn’t working. They didn’t know when LG is going to release it to the retail market. Only GSA-2164D available in South Korea yet.

Any idea what the specs are, Kenshin? Firewire maybe?

Only USB. :slight_smile:

Someone in Seoul can probably get a sample unit for tests easily but well… not me.

LG GSA-5168D first appeared in Yongsan market some weeks ago. (Korean-language page)

159,000 Won or about US$160 including 10% South Korean domestic VAT. It’s very unfortunate that all other LG external DVD writer driver models have disappeared while GSA-5168D has only USB 2.0 connection (whereas the popular GSA-5163D had both USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394a connectors) AND it’s still very expensive. Lite-On and Samsung external 16x DVD writers are at least 50% cheaper. Even the Lite-On and Teac external slim-type 8x DVD writers are cheaper than LG GSA-5168D.