GSA-5163D -- Max Speed Option is 12x in NERO (using MCC003 Verbatim 8x-16x DVD+R)

I’m only getting a max speed of 12x for my Verbatim MCC003 discs.
Thats the maximum option in Nero

I tried using my Firewire and USB 2.0, but the option, nevertheless stayed the same. I’ve enabled show actually write speed so I can see that it peeks at 11.7x.

I’m using my drive on my Dell D800 laptop, which shouldn’y make a difference on the speed selection… maybe the actual results, but not the option – i wouldn’t think.

I’m about to update my NERO now, but meanwhile let me know what you all think…

Thanks guys!

MCC-003 is 8x media

But aren’t these the Verbatim that allow 16x (i think) burns with proper firmware as noted on the label, which I’ve already torn off?

Maybe but no on LG writers… and I think it is better that way.

It depends on the firmware just like it says. The “proper” firmware is just that.

The label on retail Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) says “Up to 12x on compatible hardware.” I don’t know of any burners that overspeed MCC003 to 16x. I have a GSA-4163B (same drive as yours, only internal) and 12x is the max with these discs.

Isn’t it easy with a Lite-On 16x writer to write to MCC003 at 16x? Though miserably. :bigsmile:


Where did you see that label? In LG GSA-4163B and GSA-5163D, some MCC003 are supported for up to 12x writing. Some other only up to 6x. Only 6x is supported with certain MCC003 and some other 8x DVD+R media when certain things are uncertain about which I don’t understand very well.

Anyway, use MCC004 instead for better results. I think you’ll get better results even if you burn MCC004 at 8x.