GSA-5163D dont accept double layer DVD

Hi, i just bought a LG GSA-5163D DVD Burner but I cant burn any double layer dvd. I tried DVD-R normal DVDs and it worked. But when I insert a DVD+R Double Layer DVD the drive recognize them as a CD-R

I used Intenso DVD+Recordable double layer DVD+R 2,4x 8.5 GB.

Is this brand not useable with LG or is my burner broken? I updated to firmware 1.5 allready but nothing changed :frowning:

use ahead nero?

yes nero showed me that my dvd+r dl as a cd-r and says medium is not compatible.

Adobe encore 1.5 aswell dont burn my movie on the dls. Normal dvd worked fine

My drive’s Quick install guide recommends Mitsubishi or Verbatim +R DL media.
You may want to get hold of one of these and give it a try.

I made an Imation DVD+R DL the other day, but I do have the 4165B (the 4163’s bigger brother)

Also you are sure it’s +R DL not -R DL as the 4163/5163 can’t write to -R DL.
Sorry to ask, but needs to be done.

yes, its DVD+R for sure.

I bought the Intenso cos my drive came with one of this mediums for test purpose. I will buy tomorrow other brands to get sure. Hope its “only” the wrong brand I used.

I suggest you buy Verbatim, as said before. They are the only brand of DL media that works well with current drives, including the LG 5163. I have only burned coasters using other brands.

I tried 5 other brands. none worked. I also recognize that nero only shows me a DVD-RAM in my recorder choice. I remember I had different before.

Use DVDIdentifier to read the media code of your DL disks, to check if they are supported by the firmware.

What version of Nero are you using? Try updating to the latest version and see if that fixes it.

Nero Express should see the 4163B as 2 drives, one CD/CDRW and the other as DVD (does for me anyway)
Make sure you have at least v6.6.0.8 as this has all the latest technology added. (up to now)