GSA-5120D and Firmware upgrade

LG stopped to release firmware upgrades to external unit 5120D at release A104, while is upgrading firmware for his internal “brother” 4120D to A110.

Is it possible to upgrade my 5120D using 4120B’s recent Firmware?

Tank You Very much


I don’t have a 5120D so I can’t test it myself, but have you?

If you have one, it should be easy enough to disassemble the external casing, and try to find out what the internal drive looks like. For myself, 5120D is overpriced and not worth US$100. I have to pay twice as much.

You can find A112 (4120B) for the GSA-5120D here

Brother Vlad

Tank You very much, Brother Vlad, for the help. I will flash my 5120 tonight when I’ll back home.

I agree, 5120 is now overpriced but I bought it (in Italy) in August for about 110$, in a hypermarket special offer, at the same price of 4120B. Remeber that in Italy technology prices of are usually higher than USA or rest of the world.

tank You to everyone