GSA 4767B - cannot burn dvds anymore?

I have a major problem, which is driving me insane.

I have an LG DVD burner GSA 4767B FIRMWARE 13

The problem is that I cannot burn any DVD’s anymore. The backup programs (nero and all other ones) will not recognise the dvd drive.

I AM lost. :o

I tried to burn a dvd using a blank non-rw disc and it did work. But I can still not use a rw disc to burn.

Any suggestions?


Did not realise that my email was included in the first post that I did (anto…)

I copied everything from a word document and it must have been included by mistake (late this morning).

Can you please remove the email address from my post.

Many thanks. :cool:

Will be the last time that I start a new thread that early in the morning. My dvd burner is GSA-4167B (not sure that happened with my post).

Are these new RW discs, by that I mean have you just bought them & not had any success ever with this batch.

What sort of success have you had in the past with DVD-R/+R & with RW media?

Have you recently installed Alcohol as there have been some threads recently where that app has caused problems with RW disks.

“I have used these disc before - they are rw discs and I can use them on my laptop (to burn) but not on my PC anymore”

What sort of success have you had in the past with DVD-R/+R & with RW media?

“It worked fine until a week ago. I have not installed Alcohol”

I will try to reformat the computer and see what happens. But it is very strange that I can burn dvds if I use DVD-R/+R

What brand of discs are these RW discs you are using? Are these discs new or are you reusing discs that have been used before? If the latter, you might want to try a full erase on the discs with your 4167B before trying to burn stuff to them.