Hi just bought a GSA-4167BA OEM drive - what is the difference between this and the 4167B?

I have got the DL13 firmware upgrade from LG - but it is designated as for the 4167B. Will this firmware damage my BA drive.




See Q2.

However, you bought your drive as an OEM unit so things get slightly more complicated. OEM usually means that the drive comes as part of a pre-assembled system like Dell or HP. I am guessing your drive is just an unbundled version rather than really OEM, with the bare drive alone and nothing else.

Run Nero Infotool or some similar diagnostic tool and check what the current version of firmware on that drive is. If it is DLxx, then your drive is actually standard LG unit and the standard DL13 from LG should work. If it is something like DJxx, don’t use LG’s firmware as the drive is probably slightly different.


Thanks - drive should arrive on Thursday - will look then and see what markings / infotool tells me.