GSA-4176b - 48 x burn = split media



Hey all, happy new year!

I somehow felt i should post my last annoying experience when burning a cd-r…
Actually i tend to use slow burning speed settings (8 x audio, 16 x - 32 x for
simple data disks and slowest possible on linux .iso files)
But a few days i was in a hurry but had to write ~ 900 + something MB onto
two cd-r (media: plextor 48-x multispeed, burner GSA-4176b).
I burned the first with no problem, when i expected the second to be done Nero
showed up a message “burning process failed…”
I opened the tray and was horrified by holding a disc with a crack in it (be-
ginning in the centre and ending in the middle of the surface.
Good luck i had, the cd-r did not split totally and f-up my device. I never
believed the GSA-4176b would spin so fast, so i am not going to use 48 x
on this drive again.


it’s probably defective media. your drive is fine and not to blame.



With the Plextor (TY) media you are using, that drive will perform excellent @24x. No need to go slower. See also



Defective media, for sure. There could be a tiny little “cracking line” on the disc, that you can’t see and that usualy can’t do much damage. However, with that speed, the disc must crack.