GSA-4167BA system requirements

Hi, I’m thinking of buying an LG GSA-4167BA DVD drive but I’m struggling to find out whether my ageing pentium III 600mhz processor will cope. Most drives I have seen need about 800mhz min. If the specs say it should be 800mhz or above does that mean that the drive won’t work, or might not work as expected? Can anyone tell me what the minimum speed is and whether my PC will cope with it.

It’s my first post. Many thanks. :confused:

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CPU power is not so important. Be sure that IDE channels on your mainboard can work in DMA mode and to have a good PSU (not lesser than 350-400 W).

A fast HD and a defrag also help very much, and enough RAM memory to avoid too many accesses to HD is a good thing.

Very important, from what I’ve been reading in the LG forum (just bought a 4167 myself, this afternoon! I’ve yet to see if my other PC’s PSU is up to it…). :slight_smile:

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Thanks Geno! Now to see if the PSU is up to the task… :bigsmile:

I have a cooler master 450 W :cool:

LOL, I have no idea what wattage PSU is in the other PC (eMachine) - all I know is it’s a micro-ATX, from looking at it.

Ah well, if it’s not up to the task, I have a Pioneer 110 on standby. :bigsmile:

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You’re right. Sorry if we are confusing you redcarling with our off-topic comments :flower:

Thanks for the comments guys, you haven’t put me off. You’ve been a great help. I now need to check the PSU and DMA to see if they’re ok.

hey there,

i bought a LG GSA 4167B and like you my comp is really old, 800MHz processor. When i read the booklet that came with, it says 2.4Ghz minium system requirements! But i guess that is if u want to burn at 16x (21Mb/sec transfer). But u should be able to burn at 4x like me give or take your PSU and DMA settings.

2.4GHz? Ouch, neither of my PCs is up to that spec (the 4167 is going into a 1.2GHz Celly, and I have a 4163 in my P4 1.4GHz {works fine @16x})

Guess I’ll pop the 4167 into the Celly as planned, and see what I can do. I know the current burst rate is approx. 23MB/sec, so…