GSA-4167B Speed Problem

I have a short question, maybe cause I’m rather new to DVD-burning and forums (looking around for quite a while for solution)

My 4167B writes real slow after sometime. I have no idea why. It takes me 41 minutes to burn 4000 MB in 8x mode. The write memory cache keeps jumping around in nero. My old 4082B also had the same problem. Is it the problem of my computer? I have tried updating the firmware but problem not solved. Can anyone help >.<?

Check that the drive is running in UDMA-2 mode and NOT in PIO mode. In XP/2k take a look at “device manager” -> “IDE Controller” -> “Secondary” (or primary as appropiate) -> “Advanced”. Make sure you look at what it’s currently running at and not just what it’s set to “use if available”.

How to change it if it’s set in PIO mode?

I’ve had the same problem with my 4082b. Disconnecting my slave cd-rw seems to work for some reason.

Please post more info on what is your IDE configuration and what the current mode settings are.

See here for details :slight_smile: