GSA-4167B +RW bitsetting?

I bought my 4167 a few months ago looking for a drive that would do bitsetting. I saw on a few sites, includeing that it supported bitsetting. So, it wasn’t until after I had ordered it that I found that it only did bitsetting on the +R as DVD-ROM, but NOT the +RW’s. I was rather disappointed with this, but have used it anyway, since it is a very nice drive. It does feel a bit cheap, as some of you have remarked in other threads, but all in all, it has done almost everything I’ve wanted it to do. I emailed LG once, asking about the possibility of getting a firmware upgrade or something that will allow it to do +RW bitsetting, and I got the reply that they would pass it to R&D, because my opinion was important to them, blah, blah, blah…
Anyway, I started wondering, can bitsetting be done for +RW on other drives? I believe so. So if it can, why not this one? Has anyone come up with a “special” firmware for the 4167 that would allow it? I’m not much of a programmer, so I couldn’t even think about trying to write it myself. It would just help an awful lot with my set top DVD player that won’t read (re)writeable DVD’s unless it has the bit set to DVD-ROM. It reads my +R’s fine, but I would like to be able to use my +RW’s so I can see how it looks before I put it onto a +R permanantly.


Alexnader Noe has a great utility for LG drives
but no book type support for DVD+RW:

I can’t understand why LG doesn’t support bit setting in firmware.
Isn’t it about time ?

Ok then. Well goodness, is it just not physically possible to do on this drive, or have they just neglected to allow it in firmware? I am not sure how that works. I have seen some posts here for other drives where they update to a firmware that allows bitsetting, so I am assuming that it’s got to be a simple firmware hack. But again, not being a programmer, and not really familiar with firmware programming to begin with, I don’t know. If that is really all that it takes, it would be really nice for someone to create a firmware that will allow book type setting for +RW.


Try here :

In short :

  1. No LG writer (except maybe the old 4120B) can booktype DVD+RW discs. Why I don’t really know. I’d like to find out as well if it is firmware or a hardware limitation.

  2. No hacked firmware exists to enable this on any LG writer.

$40 will get you a Liteon burner to add scanning, fast ripping and the ability to bitset +RW, even LG burns after the fact. This is what I do when I want to test out an LG burn. Keep in mind, most newer players have no need for bitsetting.

Thank you everyone for your input. I guess I will just have to deal with it, or get a new burner, or just ditch my old player and get a new one.

Hi captain_tinker have you tried the following trick, I used to use it with my old Pioneer drive that couldn’t bitset. With DVD+RW media if you do a full erase (NOT just a regular quick erase) of the media on a drive that bitsets it as desired then you can subsequently use this media as many times as you like (overwriting each time) on your LG drive without the booktype changing!

I don’t know why it works but on my old PIODATA drive I had the opposite problem, the drive automatically booktyped +R and +RW media to “-rom”. The problem was that my home player only likes +RW media if the booktype is +RW. If I full erased just one time on another drive so that the booktype was set to +RW during the erase then I found that I could use this disc as many times as I liked in the PIODATA drive and the booktype would stay at +RW and not get changed to the drives default of “-rom”.

I haven’t tested this the other way around but I think it will work the same way, that is I think that a booktype set on a full erase will remain on all subsequent overwrites (as long as you don’t do another full erase) even on a burner that has a different default booktype.

Yup, complete reformatting is necessary to be able to re-use a DVD-ROM bitsetted DVD+RW.

That’s a very interesting idea. Of course I would have to find a way to get it bitset to -rom first in order to do this. If I can, I will try that. Thanks!

Yeah when I used to do it I only needed a handleful that were booktyped, most of my +RW’s were for data backup so they didn’t need it. What I did was to simply go and full-format 4 or 5 discs on a friends computer (that booktyped them as required) and then just save these few for video work. Maybe not the best solution but it did work, anyway it’s not too bad since you only have to do it once.


Well, it’s been a while since this was posted, but it took me that long to find someone who had a DVD+RW burner that could do bitsetting for +RW. I am happy to report that it WORKED! So now I have 3 +RW’s that are bitset for DVD-ROM. Just in case I need it. So anyway, thanks!