GSA-4167B long lead-in times?

In any burning utility (Nero, DVD Decrypter, etc) when burning DVD’s at 16x (I’ve used TDK + and - both rated at 16x), the app will spend sometimes more than 2 minutes doing a lead-in, then the burn might fail immediately after. Sometimes it may even fail sometime during the burn. This will occaisionally happen when burning at 12x also.

I know I haven’t been very clear on details, so if you could reply asking for what I should also post, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


also, if the burn doesn’t fail, it will continue but not at 16x, usually much slower 6-8x.

Use other media, the LG burners have problems with some TDK media lately.

I have burned TDK 16X +R and noticed the long lead-in times. All burns succeeded but at slow speeds. Here’s an example: