GSA-4167B in External Enclosure - Full speed at last!

Well, as many know, trying to get an LG internal drive to reach 16x in an external enclosure is pretty much impossible. This is true especially if you use the LG bridgeboard firmware, which is needed to enable firmware updates and audio cd burning. At any rate, I have finally been able to reach a true 16x burn in an external prolific chipset case (with the LG bridgeboard firmware) by using the Buffalo firmware. As was detailed elsewhere on this board, someone flashed their 4167B to the Buffalo DJ13 firmware and noted that the drive became an UDMA mode4 device, which experience has taught us, is what is needed to burn at 16x in an external case. Once flashing with the Buffalo firmware I was finally able to complete a true 16x burn via fireware. I’m posting this in an effort to help others using LG 4165/4167’s in an external enclosure. Good luck!

I’d like to make a quick request to add to this thread. Is there a chance that TDB can make an anti-riplock firmware for the DN13 like was done for the DL13? Thanks in advance!

DJ13 you mean? Well someone already asked for it (but I suspect you already know that, hence the mixup in firmware versions ;)) but I don’t know if TDB have noticed it : (post #12)

For best results it might be a good idea to post a request in RPC1’s forum, under their “request firmware” section.

An anti-riplock version of DJ13, which doesn’t require interrupting a flash midway in order to use would really be something.

Yes, I meant DJ13…doh! I’ll go ahead and post in that request firmware section you mentioned. I’ve got an NEC 3540A that has anti-riplock firmware, but since it’s only UDMA2 it still can only hit around 12-14x reading, so it would be great to see the 4167 have the UDMA4 DJ13 with anti-riplock. Plus, the auto-bitsetting of the DJ13 firmware is great, as I hated having to reset the +R/+RDL back to DVD-ROM each time I reset the drive.