GSA-4167b don't like Datawrite titanium?

Hi All

Just found a problem with my new LG GSA-4167b burner , for some reason it will not burn to Datawrite’s Titanium 8x printable discs(CMC MAG AE1 dye), Nero comes up with ‘invalid block file’ BEFORE burning has started. I do have the latest DL12 firmware installed on the drive. I have had to reinstall my old Pioneer A109 so that I can use these discs up, they work fine with this drive.

The LG burns fine to Rivision discs (16x) so I figure it is not a problem with the actual burner, unless the media is incompatable??

Thanks for any advice :wink:

My 4163 won’t burn to my latest batch of Ritek discs (MID Ritek R03). The burning gets to the last stage, then Nero reports a PMA error. Bad media apparently, but my two BenQ 1640s love these discs at 4x. Incredible quality scores in Nero CD-DVD Speed, consistently above 97, usually 98, sometimes 99.

The discs are rated 8x.

I am begining to think the LG drives are so good because the little goblins inside have too much pride and won’t embarrass themselves by creating a bad burn on a dodgy disk :smiley:


I can’t write my Verbatim’s DVD-R 8x to! With latest firmware DL13 no changes about this… Always have “invalid block address” error message right after nero 6-7 try to start burning disk. With 4163 no problems write this media! Damn 4167B DL13!!! Disk info:
Drive Type = DVD Super AllWrite
Disc Type = DVD-R (Single Layer)
Disc MID = 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 (CMC MA)
Disc TID = 47 2E 20 41 45 31 (G. AE1)
Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe = CMC Magnetics Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 8.0X (Write)

Check this:

Ive just upgraded the firmware to DL13, and it will now write to the Datawrite Titanium 8x discs, they are TDK TTGO2 dye, so it seems LG have fixed this one.:smiley:

my gsa-4167b won’t detect some dvd-r disks at all.

when the media is inserted, the drive light blinks for a long time; then no program will detect any media.

this happens only with some “hp invent dvd-r 8x 4.7gb/120min” media. dont know anything else about the media as the drive wont even detect it.

it did actually burn two of these - stopped yesterday. will be trying some other media, if no good, I’ll have to return the unit - I’ve seen other messages to this effect around.

some “newstar digital dvd-r 1-4x” labeled media is detected, and reports the manufacturer as “infodisk-r01”…

everything else seems to work, all other media, except that I bought a 50-stack of this media…

just lost a job to this thing grrr

This is no drive issue, you can easily prove that by testing the burner in SAFE MODE, in REAL DOS or in another computer.