GSA-4167B DL12 buffer swing / burn speed down

When I burns DVD-R 8X using dvd decryptor and I open MSN or Browsing web or running winrar, both the device and user buffer goes down and it almost stop burning.

I got an Athlon64 3000+ @ 2.25Ghz, 1gb ram dual channel,
Mtb is Asus A8V Deluxe, Antec TruePower 430w psu
Both HD are Udma5 on primairy IDE
LG is Udma2 on secondairy IDE alone.

Running Xp Sp1…

I may upgrade the fireware to DL13 today, but I doutb it will help.

Any clue?

Just let it burn, nothing else.

Well most friend I talk to can play games while burning no problem.
Looks like my ide controler doesn’t have enought bandwidth…

For “Buffer” problems;
Make sure you have DMA = ON with DMA = 4 or 5. Look under control panel/performance/system/hardware/ide controller/primary channel or secondary channel (where your hard disk is located).
If not, or in PIO mode, uninstall the IDE Controller, reboot, let XP find & install your controller & primary/secondary channels & hardware attached to them, then reboot again. This should correct DMA problem.
Also defrag your Hard Drive.
If neither of these work, you may have to install more Memory…more than 512MB.

For “Device Buffer” problems, make sure you have an 80 wire cable (flat or round) to your DVD drive.
Also have your burner on a separate IDE channel, ie: if your Hard drive is on primary, have your DVD drive on your secondary. Try different positions on second channel, Master (preferred by many) or slave with proper jumper settings on your DVD drive

Hope this helps…

Dma are on (5 for HD, 2 for Dvd)
Got 1gb ram
80wire cables
2 HD on primairy Ide
Dvd writter as secondairy master.

Yeah, I see what you have, if I would only read fully your 1st post!
Defrag your drive…it is worth it.
Your Device Buffer may improve with the DL13 firmware.
I have DJ13 firmware with my 4167b on a 1394a channel and get 27MB burst rate(higher if on IDE channel)…not sure if DL13 gives you DMA 4 capability, but DJ13 will.

Those suggestions should help you but you really should NOT be multi tasking when burning. It does affect the burn quality of your discs. Programs like Winrar are very heavy with HD usage. For good burns, your writer needs exclusive and uninterrupted access to your hard drive. Instead what you are doing is forcing it to fight for access to the hard drive. It is not going to work out no matter what you do if you keep doing that.