GSA-4167B CDR & DVD -R Recording failure

Help, I have a strange problem, when I try to record data to either a imation CD-R 52x or a Best DVD-R 8x it fails with a SCSI command aborted message using Nero Express, the attached pdf file is the Nero print out. If I burn the same data to a Verbatim DVD-RW 4x it works fine.

Firmware is DL13

Anybody else had the same problem.

Frank, please remove your Nero serial number from that Nero log and re-post. The PDF file you posted has your serial number in it for all the world to see. I would edit and remove it except that I cannot edit a PDF file. So I’ve removed the attachment as a safety precaution.

It’s possible that your problems are related to the use of poor quality media. Imation 52x CD-Rs are probably made by CMC Magnetics (at least those I have used seem to be), which generally work with most writers but have shown two problems for me :

[li]Some CD-ROM drives seem to have problems reading these discs after burning
[/li][li]The top coat of the discs peel off at the edges after a while
These are not the signs of quality media in my book.

Best media also sounds suspiciously dubious to me. Since you can get hold of Verbatim CD-RW discs, I assume you can get hold of a Verbatim DVD+/-RW disc as well for testing purposes. See if that works with your writer. If it does, then it’s probably just poor quality media.

Karangguni, thanks for your reply, I’ve reposted the Nero Express report after deleting my name and serial no. thanks (isn’t Cute PDF a great free tool)

As regards the discs, I’ll try some other named media but the Imation CD R’s I’m using work fine in my laptop’s CD rewriter and the Best DVD-R’s work fine in our Panasonic DMR ES20 DVD recorder. It was just strange that RW media would work but not R media. If I run a speed test on the drive with this media in it, I get reports back that it’s fine for the max rated speed.

LG01.pdf (19.8 KB)

Could you give us the media code of that Best DVD-R? You can detect it with DVD Identifier.

No, CutePDF isn’t great. It’s overkill imo.

[B]karangguni[/B], do you have more information on the CMC Mag top coat issue? So it seems that it’s not only TY suffering from this problem. As I have some backups on HP CMC CD-R (as a secondary backup though) I’m particularly interested in this…