GSA-4167B CD scanning?


No, I am not going to ask if LG drives support scans one more time. But I am quiet surprised, let me explain :

On our forum, a new member came with two CD scans performed with a LG drive (4167B fw DL13. ). He used Nero CD-DVD Speed (an old version surely) and posted these two scans.

I can’t figure how it’s possible.
I though LG drives had not any scans capabilities and could not report any error values (like in the first scan above) ? Why Nero-CD-DVD Speed gave him the possibility to run the test and why did the test run?

Something I miss ? Could someone tell us about that ?


this drive is capable to report C2 errors. So it seems to be possible to get a C2 scan on CD media (after having edited the registry). Very nice, I’ll try that with my 4163 this evening.


Disc Quality of a CD-R with Nero CDSpeed:
v4.51.3 would not let me do the scan (Start button greyed out).
v4.51.1 would let me do the test.
maybe a bug with 4.51.3 ?

anyway LG drives doesn’t report C1 errors or jitter, just C2. so there’s no point using it for CD scans really.

what registry edit are you talking about ?

I think he’s talkin about this one :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality

Look at the value “blocked” on the right and remove it.

thanks, Slywall.

but then why could i do the Quality Scan posted above despite this value in the entry ??? since my drive is HL-DT-ST it shouldn’t have let me!

Quality scanning for CDs was always possible as far back as the GSA-4163B. I’m not sure about older drive models though. If you search back about a year or two in this forum, you will see discussions about it. That was where I first found out about it.

Most people don’t discover it because CDSpeed blocks all LG drives from scanning by default (hence the greyed out “Start” button). You’d only know if you used that registry unlock trick mentioned above, which not many people tried.

Edit : I’m not sure it blocks scanning of CDs though because I edited the registry entry on my system a long time ago. I know for sure it blocks DVD scanning.

In any case, without proper C1 error reporting, it’s not really useful. It only tells you when a disc cannot be read due to C2 errors, which a transfer rate or scandisc test will pretty much also reveal.

Note that some earlier models of LG DVD-ROM drives used MediaTek chipsets, and so could actually perform quality scanning on DVDs (and probably CDs as well). So it isn’t true that all LG drives cannot do quality scanning. I’m not sure which models used that chipset however but it did not involve many models.

Yeah, that’s right, I rememmber runing scans on my (now dead) GCE-8526 CDRW.
4165@4167 is capable of C2 CD scaning, but as dodecahedron and karangguni have already said, what’s the use of it? I’ve tried to run DVD scan, and I get this:

Yes I think it does (4.51.3), Before removing “blocked” value in the registry my “start” button was greyed with my LG H20L and I scanned an old sratched audio CD. It reports C2 errors now.

In any case, without proper C1 error reporting, it’s not really useful. It only tells you when a disc cannot be read due to C2 errors, which a transfer rate or scandisc test will pretty much also reveal.

Of course ! :iagree: Just led by curiosity of LG capabilities.

So it isn’t true that all LG drives cannot do quality scanning.

Yes, I should have specified I was talking about those we can find in the stores at the moment.

For DVDs, It doesn’t change anything, the “start” button is still greyed and the “blocked” value always reappears in the registry if I insert a DVD in the drive.

very strange.
for me, with 4.51.3, erasing the value of the ‘blocked’ entry, the Start button remains greyed out, but inserting a DVD into the drive doesn’t change a thing - the entry remains blank!
and what’s worse, even with the entry blank the Start button is greyed out even for a CDR! can’t do a scan of a CDR!!!

Ah OK figured it out.
4.51.3 will refuse to accept a blank entry.
if i just edit out the “HL-DT-ST” it will let me do a quality scan of a CD.
and trying to do a scan of a DVD will give an error message like that posted by pejakm.
however like i said this is for 4.51.3
4.51.1 will let me do a CD scan without any registry hacks.
a bug of 4.51.3 IMO.
when will 4.6 be released ? :confused:

if i just edit out the “HL-DT-ST” it will let me do a quality scan

Yes it works. DVDSpeed even accepted to perform PIE/PIF test on the H20L, obviously it is totally useless as no error is reported :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that known to be the case with LG? I ask because I find things to be a little different with my Liteon 1693.

After extensive testing with a few poor quality CDs, I find that the TRT is worthless. It always shows a perfect read. The ScanDisk is the most sensitive and the most reliable. The C2 spikes in Disc Quality are better than nothing, but the magnitude of the spikes are highly dependent on the temperature of the disk.

In one particular case I consistently saw 9% damaged blocks, a perfect TRT, and two C2 spikes that varied in magnitude from 1 to 400 depending on the disc temperature.

Again, this is with my Litey and a crummy CD-RW. Obviously your mileage may vary.

Liteon DVD burners are as useless as LG DVD burners, when scanning of CD media is wanted. So, if you want to scan CD media, and if you don’t want to pay the extra price for a Plextor, then get either a Liteon CDRW or a Benq 1640/1650/1655 DVDRW drive.


As far as I can tell, yes. It is also consistent with the behaviour of my BenQ DW-1640 when scanning CDs.

A few months ago, I had a CD-R disc which had degraded (no visible signs, media just could not be read at certain places) and I was trying to recover as much data on it as possible using different drives. Out of curiousity, I did a quality scan on the discs with my LG GSA-4163B and sure enough, the unreadable part of the disc had some C2 spikes. Same thing with the 1640.

I also had a few other discs of the same type burned with other stuff, so I decided to scan them as well to see if they were still readable. Not trusting the quality scans, I proceeded to copy out the files in the discs (they all contained data). Of the few that showed C2 errors with both scanning drives, each contained unreadable errors when I tried copying the files out. I don’t remember if I did TRTs though.

I’ve since gotten hold of a Lite-On CD writer and a Lite-On CD-ROM drive, both of which do proper quality scanning for CDs. However, I can’t be bothered to retest those discs all over again to see if the results are consistent with these drives as well.

This is just for fun :bigsmile:
A bad disc, scratched, data surface treated with a marker scanned with (nearly) all the drives in my collection :wink:

[li]Benq DW1650 BCDC
[/li][li]Liteon SOHR-5239V 2$0E
[/li][li]LG GSA-4163B A106
[/li][li]Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0P
[/li][li]Samsung SHW-163A TS01

miciahel, any reason you left BenQ 1620 out of that list? are there any known issues with it as a CD scanning drive?

Very interesting ! :smiley:

All the drives except the Samsung reports a Problem at 25’ (does the samsung report C2 errors ?).
Only the 165P6S did not report the first spike at 8’ but reported C2 errors at the end of the disc. I’m suprised that BenQ 1650 didn’t report any here considering the increasing jitter value at the end.

I’d be pleased to see a scandisk.

It does do C1 scans??
Does the GCE-8526B or GCE-8527B really do C1 scans? I would be happy to see some scans made with it.

No I ment C2 scans.


No special reason. I just forgot to mention it;)