GSA 4167B 5 x Rip Speed - What is going on?

I cannot seem to get a read speed test to complete with Nero, I keep getting an error “READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION”. I have tried it on several DVD-Video discs with same result.

However, DVD Decrypter runs fine, peaking at 12x on DL. Would be nice if the Speed test worked properly though?

Ah, gotcha, thanks :smiley:

@DVD_Maniac…I get the same problem scanning a pressed disc, it’s the copy protection, I believe!

You have to run your DVD Player software, or otherwise authenticate the disc for it to read. It’s part of the standard protocol and not related to the patch. The speed test will work once you do this.

Brother Vlad

Speed test graph attached from Nero Speed.

Now thats more like it! :wink:

With regards noise from this drive, I really could not notice a major increase even at the peak speeds. Either way, I reckon more owners of writer drives favour speed and performance over the noise they generate

When’s the last time you saw a a forum thread complaining at a noisy drive and asking the manufacturer or third party to introduce a rip lock in order to ease their sensititive little ears! :rolleyes:

Good stuff, cheers, DVD_Maniac :cool:

As regards noise…yeah, my LiteOn 1693 (with Codeguys’ KC4B firmware) sounds like a whirlwind at high speeds, but I’m not at all bothered if it reads fast and well. :slight_smile:

Here’s a burn test onto a single layer Ritek G05 at 8x

Very impressive :cool:

Looks like the TDB have hacked the DL13 cleanly and not affected write performance - thanks guys!

I’m impressed :clap: …looking forward to flashing mine on Saturday! :bigsmile:

This looks like a Happy End!

:bow: TDB :bow:




Note : the little dip is caused by a bit of dirt on the disc surface which I only found out about after I finished the scans.

DVD-ROM SL, DVD+/-R are still stuck at 10x, but that is still way faster than 5x.

Actually quite a lot of people complained about the noise of the 4167, but primarily with CDs, where it is spinning at 40x. I’m pretty surprised that they would limit the DVD read speed because of that issue. Anyway, if the only issue is that I don’t want the DVD drive making a lot of noise while playing a movie, I’m willing to use Nero Drivespeed to stop that.

Seems like TDB removed the FW without the riplock, at least I can’t find it. Could anyone upload it somewhere? Thanks


i am looking at buying a LG GSA-H10ABAL 16xDVDRW/RAM burner but can find no info about it.

i will eaither go for this or the benq. it needs to be able to read a wide range of cheaper dvdr’s , unlike my nec drive which is crap as a reader.

any thoughts on this burner?


No they didn’t. It isn’t available from their website. Click on the forum they linked to in post #12. The download link is there.

This is totally offtopic. Please start your own thread. This is extremely rude!

Well done Dangerous Brothers :bow: , you’ve cracked it again. Your firmware (TDB DL13)works great, at last I can rip dvd’s at a quick speed, used to drive me nuts waiting when using the rip-locked firmware.

is the tdb site down? I can’t get to the site or the forum. Could somebod please post a link to the non rip-locked firmware here please? Thanks

Just wait a few seconds, I’m upping (hopefully the correct one) to rapidshare…
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Done, get it from here: